How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Yourself

5 simple techniques that will show you how to increase traffic to your website yourself.

So you’ve got your shiny new website and it probably looks pretty awesome if we’ve built it for you. Now all you need are some website visitors so you can start reaping the benefits of your new online presence.

Here are some quick tips that will show you how to increase traffic to your website yourself.

1) Get in the habit of regular content creation

Becoming a content creator instead of a content consumer will help you get more visitors to your website. All of our web design packages allow you to update your website via our online CMS.

Use your news/blog section to create a knowledge base that will position yourself as an authority in your business sector. Are you an accountant? Create articles about saving businesses money on their tax bill, tips to help self-employed with their tax returns, tips on streamlining their accounts with online tools. Most businesses can dedicate some time to creating content that will help their existing and potential clients. This free content will position yourself as an expert in your field. You can use this content to promote your services on social media channels and via a monthly “tips” newsletter.

2) Don’t forget to network!

Offline and online networking is important for any website owner. The following techniques will help you gain exposure, new social media followers and website visitors.

  • Leaving valuable comments on other blogs that add value and link back to your website.
  • Interacting with other bloggers and business owners in a similar niche on sites like Linkedin, Instagram & Facebook.
  • Join Facebook groups in your niche and become a regular contributor.
  • Take the time to go to local offline networking events. Join your local Chambers Of Commerce who hold regular networking events. You can also consider BNI events if they are regularly held in your area. Handing our business cards at these events with your website address listed will help you grow your reputation and increase your website visitors.

3) DIY Search Engine Optimisation

There are several things you can do yourself to improve your rankings in Search Engines such as Google. Regularly posting keyword-rich content to your blog or adding new service pages which are rich in usual content will help you gain search positions in Google. Keep your keyword density sensible around 2-3% of your content, and ensure your meta title and description tags are relevant to your page content. Don’t over-optimise by keyword stuffing your pages. Write useful, engaging content that sells your services and illustrates your knowledge within your business sector.

4) Watch out for current trends and create content around them

Online news, social media feeds and magazines will touch on several niche topics and current trends that are popular in the present moment. Write and share content around hot topics and trends that people are talking about. This is a quick way to gain fast followers on Social Media and drive extra visitors to your website.

5) Reach out to old, current and potential customers via email

Often overlooked, this direct method is very powerful when you’ve just launched your new website. Simply email your customers, colleagues and previous clients and enquiries and let them know about your new online presence. It may just prompt some of them into action, buying your services, joining your mailing list or following you on social media.

Follow the simple techniques above, try and fit them into a weekly routine so your content creation is regular and your networking is consistent. This will help you grow your website visitors and business reputation quickly and effectively. You now know how to increase traffic to your website yourself, what are you waiting for!

Image credit: Header photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash